Analytical services
Survey of the resource bases in different countries, the implementation of industry investment projects, the supply of oil and gas (including LNG),  prices and tariffs for energy resources dynamics, monitoring and analysis of development of the global oil and gas industry (annually), forecasting of the natural gas supply to European countries, etc.

Development of investment projects and  preparation of  pre-project decisions
Participation in the preparation of documentation for the "Sakhalin-2" project (Russia);

Feasibility studies and business plans development for the following projects:

  • Construction of the oil terminal in Feodosia with capacity 4 mln t/year (Ukraine);
  • Supplies of diesel fuel from Russia to Europe;
  • Gasification of inhabited localities of Ukraine.

Pre-proposal for building of a new refinery in Brody (Ukraine);

Joint research on blending of hydrogen and natural gas into gas grids of Ukraine;        

Development of the Concept of LNG supply to Ukraine, as well as pre-proposals for the organization of LNG supply chain to Ukraine;

Calculation of consolidated technical and economic indices for diversification projects of gas supplies to Ukraine from Iran, Turkmenistan, the Ukrainian version of the gas pipeline "White Stream", options of Ukraine's participation in the project "Nabucco", compressed natural gas (CNG) supply within the Black Sea Basin, development of the project of increasing the capacity of connection between Ukrainian and Polish gas systems and establishing the natural gas hub in Ukraine.

Optimization of the corporate structure of enterprises:

- Reforming the oil and gas industry in Ukraine, including taking part in the creation of:

  • NJC "Naftogaz of Ukraine"; 
  • Open joint-stock company "Ukrtransnafta"; 
  • Holding Joint-Stock Company "Ukrnaftoprodukt";

- Development of the concept of creating a vertically-integrated oil and gas companies in Ukraine (NJC "Naftogaz of Ukraine", OJC “Ukrnafta”); 
- Development of the Concept of Foreign Economic Activity of NJC "Naftogaz of Ukraine"; 
- Development of proposals for reforming the structure of NJC "Naftogaz of Ukraine", the organization of the gas market in Ukraine, including creation of gas exchange, adaptation of Ukrainian legislation to the European energy requirements.

Project and Strategic Management 

  • Participation in developing of the National program of Ukraine "Oil and gas of Ukraine to 2010", "Strategy of development of an oil-and-gas complex of Ukraine to 2030 and future outlook", the Annual message of the President of Ukraine to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine (2003, chapter “Oil&Gas”);
  • Development of automated systems of information support for financial and gas flows management at the vertically integrated companies and design of the organization of oil and gas complex objects construction with the complete scope of works for various phases of investment process;
  • Making project for additional exploration and field development of old areas geological horizon and new low-yield gas fields in the research "Meeting the challenges of effective Bogatoyske gas field development by creating three-dimensional spatial data model". In this study were used the software products of Canadian company AMBERCORE SOFTWARE INC.;
  • Presentation of "Forecast of collector’s development of Bogatoyske gas condensate field Tournaisian deposits on the basis of a comprehensive analysis of existing wells data and seismic data in modern software products", executed jointly with the Norwegian company AGR Petroleum Services;
  • Cooperation with leading foreign service companies, with the assistance to their stuff to perform certain types of work, using new design software - technical procedures in the processing and interpretation of geological, physical and geological-industrial information.

Development of oil and gas sector regulatory, organizational and methodological framework (concepts, strategies, programs, rules, procedures) 

  • Law of Ukraine "On amendments to the Law of Ukraine "On the taxation of enterprises profit" (VR N2712-III on 20.09.2001);
  • Law of Ukraine "On rental oil, natural gas and gas condensate payments" (VR N1456-IV on 05.02.2004);
  • Regulatory rules on the access to the Ukrainian gas pipeline system;
  • Program of legislative activity in the oil and gas field; 
  • Draft legislation and regulations that govern the activities of oil and gas industry; 
  • Regulations and institutional framework for licensing of oil and gas companies; 
  • Development and implementation of accounting systems in natural gas consumption of the gas distribution networks, normalization process losses and the cost of natural gas during its transportation by gas distribution network; 
  • Development of concepts, methodology and program for the establishment of minimum (strategic) oil and oil products stocks in Ukraine (in accordance with EU directives);
  • Development of the program for Ukrainian gas sector reforming during 2010-2011;
  • Study for improving Ukrainian gas distribution system tariff setting framework (together with agents of AF Mercados EMI S.A. and VIS Economic&Energy Consultants S.A.), 2015-2016;
  • Study of the normative base of Ukraine, regulating the maintenance of in-house gas supply systems and its rework, taking into account the experience of developed countries of the EU, 2016-2017
  • Study of the tools for optimization of maintenance of gas distribution networks objects taking into account the experience of developed countries of Europe, 2016-2017.

NGBI provides scientific support of the project of experimental research to determine the possibilities of transporting the mixtures of natural gas and hydrogen by gas distribution pipelines initiated by the Regional Gas Company LLC.

Beginning from 2019 NGBI is an active member of working group on the development and implementation of different hydrogen projects:

  • Development of a roadmap for the implementation of the investment project for the transportation of hydrogen through gas pipelines;
  • Scientific support of preparation of the pilot project of studying the possibilities of hydrogen admixture to gas distribution network;
  • Scientific support of the first stage of research – experiment regarding the use of the mixture of hydrogen and natural gas in gas distribution networks.

Link on hydrogen articles.

Abovementioned articles are published in the journal “Oil and gas industry of Ukraine” No.5 and No.6 2020.

Also, NGBI is the co-organizer of series of webinars on «Conducting an experimental research to determine the possibilities of transporting the mixtures of natural gas and hydrogen by gas distribution pipelines».

Webinar 1 – “Fire tests” -

Webinar 2 – “Fire tests. Metrology.” -

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